Snail Mail Returns With "Pristine," Announces New Album 'Lush'

Lindsey Jordan is quickly becoming one of indie rock's best new voices.

snail mail lindsey jordan
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Image via Michael Lavine

snail mail lindsey jordan

When we spoke with Snail Mail earlier this month, the unique stress of making an album was a recurring topic. "I put a lot of pressure on myself," Lindsey Jordan said. "We tried it all and scrapped it all, tried it all again, then scrapped it all again."

Today, we get an album name—and a single. Lush is dropping June 8 via Matador Records, and the soaring "Pristine" is our first sense of what's to come. The pressure paid off—it merits instant inclusion in the Snail Mail canon, with an unforgettable hook and some of Jordan's most heartfelt lyrics to date.

"I spent so much time being a guitar player for the first time in my life," Jordan said of the recording process, and "Pristine" doesn't disappoint on that count. She's taking the new album on the road, too—check out her tour dates here, and listen to "Pristine" below.