Ugly God's 'The Booty Tape' Is Finally Here

Ugly God produced seven of the ten songs on his debut project, which includes a feature from Wiz Khalifa.

ugly god the booty tape
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ugly god the booty tape

Ugly God has been talking about The Booty Tape for about as long as we've known him. And it's finally here.

Er—according to his recent Snapchat story, maybe we shouldn't call it a mixtape or an album. Maybe we should "think of it more as...a collection."

Whatever the hell this thing is, seven of the ten songs are produced by the charismatic young Houston rapper himself—showing off a skill that he's always said is his biggest strength. And on first listen, his oversized personality is all over this. Who else could pull of a mixtape​ collection that transitions from sensual ballad "I'm a Nasty Hoe" to a bass heavy banger called "I'm Tryna Fuck?" This is beautiful.

Thanks, Ugly God.

Listen on Apple Music below and watch him discuss Dave Chappelle and Pokemon with us here. We will update this with a Spotify stream when it becomes available at 12:00 a.m. EST.