Illegal Civ Shares Mini-Doc About Tyler, The Creator's 'Vogue' Shoot

Tyler gets an assist from Kendall Jenner for his 'Vogue' Golf Wang shoot.

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Tyler, The Creator recruited Kendall Jenner for a Vogue cover shoot showing off his latest Golf Wang clothing line—and Illegal Civ's Mikey Alfred had his camera rolling to document everything that went on behind-the-scenes.

"I'm honored to be here," Tyler says of working with Jenner. "I kind of only just see her as a friend, and I always look past whatever accolades or however anyone else sees her—but being in this environment and seeing how serious and professional, and how she kills it... I took a step back and was like, 'oh shit, this is tight that I can be a part of this moment that everyone loves her for." Then he paused, looked in her direction, and added, "She's a fuckin' piece of shit."

Watch the video above, in which Tyler, Taco, and Jenner throw piñatas at each other and wolf down a meal. See the full Vogue shoot here.