The Cool Kids Drop Collaboration With Jeremih, Announce New Album Details

See the tracklist for 'Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe,' coming September 15, and hear their new single "9:15pm."

cool kids special edition grandmaster deluxe cover
cool kids special edition grandmaster deluxe cover

A year after announcing that they're getting back together, we have firm details about the next album from The Cool Kids.

The 16-track album, Special Grandmaster Deluxe, is coming on September 15 and features guest appearances from Syd, Hannibal Buress, Travis Barker, Jeremih, A-Trak, Buddy, Smoke DZA, and more.

The album went up for preorder tonight (along with the reveal of the cover art which can be seen above). As a bonus, they also shared a new song with Jeremih called "9:15pm." Hear that below and continue for the tracklist as well their video for "Check Out" if you missed it last month.

Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe Tracklist:

1. “The Moonlanding” (Feat. Hannibal Buress)
2. “TV Dinner”
3. “Get Out the Bowl”
4. “Break Your Legs” (Feat. Travis Barker & HXLT)
5. “20/20 Vision”
6. “Checkout”
7. “On the Set” (Feat. Boldy James & Smoke DZA)
8. “9:15Pm” (Feat. Jeremih)
9. “Westside Connections” (Feat. Buddy, Jay Worthy & Warm Brew)
10. “The Motion” (Feat. Ye Ali & Anthony Pavel)
11. “T.D.A.” (Feat. A-Trak, Reese LAFLARE & Larry June)
12. “Jean Jacket” (Feat. Paul Usher & 10ille)
13. “Simple Things” (Feat. Syd & QUIÑ)
14. “Symptoms of a Down” (Feat. Helios Hussain)
15. “Gr8Full” (Feat. Joyce Wrice & Like)
16. “Too Smooth”

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