CeeLo Green Comments on the Bizarre Gold Costume He Wore to the Grammys

We asked CeeLo for answers and received an unusual response.

CeeLo Green Gold Suit Grammys

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CeeLo Green Gold Suit Grammys

Sunday night, CeeLo Green turned heads by showing up to the Grammys dressed in a bizarre gold outfit.

Like everyone else, we made a bunch of memes here at P&P and compared his look to Beyoncé's more elegant gold ensemble. But the next morning, I still had questions. Did this have something to do with the new "Gnarly Davidson" persona he unveiled earlier this month? Why gold? What does he think of the Ferrero Rocher comparisons?

I sent a few questions to his management team Monday morning and received an intriguing reply: "That was Gnarly Davidson on the Grammy red carpet. I can absolutely get a statement. Did you want from Gnarly or from CeeLo?"

Of course, I wanted answers from both. So, roughly 24 hours later (after a late-night studio session), this message from CeeLo and his alter-ego "Gnarly Davidson" arrived in my inbox:

Gnarly Davidson: "I told you this would happen and I did it. Fuck you, CeeLo Green. I mean fuck me, I'm famous."

CeeLo: "When I saw him arrive on the Harley, my heart skipped a beat. Seriously, I don't know if I can stop him now."​

So, umm... I guess that clears things up? I don't know. At the least, it looks like this should be an interesting next few months for CeeLo Green fans. For more of his Gnarly Davidson alter-ego, see a photo from a pre-Grammys party on Saturday where he showed off an alternate look—and continue for a photo of the Sunday red carpet outfit in all its glory.

UPDATE: He shared his first music video as Gnarly Davidson this evening. Watch that below.

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