Brockhampton's 2017 Prom Looked Amazing

Brockhampton's second annual prom took place in Los Angeles Friday night.

For the second year in a row, Brockhampton held their very own prom. Taking place Friday night at the El Rey theater in Los Angeles, the boy band decked out the whole theater in balloons and other prom-themed decorations.

Beforehand, Kevin Abstract explained his vision for the night, tweeting, "For prom make sure u wear whatever u want. It’s basically a prom for the kids who never got to go to prom for whatever reason so if u wanna wear a dress do that if u wanna wear a hoodie do that no rules big head​."

Prom 2017 kicked off with Ameer Vann taking the stage and suiting up in one of the group's signature orange jumpsuits before Saturation III opener "BOOGIE" rang out over the speakers.

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In addition to a sparkling overhead disco ball and several chandeliers, a photo booth was also set up to allow attendees to commemorate the experience.


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Billie Eilish and Austin Feinstein of the band Slow Hollows even showed up and performed as the night's two special guests. See photos of their appearances below and continue for more highlights from the night. Looks like it was an amazing experience.

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You can see a highlight reel from last year's prom below.

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