Listen to Atlanta Singer Abra's Addicting "CRYBABY," Self-Produced in her Bedroom Closet




Atlanta singer/producer Abra has been called “the first lady of Awful Records,” but since being discovered by the crew for her acoustic YouTube rap covers, she’s proven herself more than capable of standing on her own. Today’s announcement that she’s signed to True Panther Sounds along with the release of perhaps her most intriguing song to date solidifies that.

Entirely written, produced, and recorded in her bedroom closet, the bouncy 80s-inspired “CRYBABY” holds a DIY vibe full of personality without veering too far left-field to be accessible. Impressively, Abra is able to wrap a spirit of carefree spontaneity around a polished skill set that’s undoubtedly taken years to achieve in a way that we don’t hear often.

Sure, it was made in a closet and it might not sound quite like anything else you heard today, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself bobbing your head on first listen. No wonder those Awful Records guys were so quick to collaborate. Check it out below while you wait for her Princess EP to drop on July 15.