Check Out Jalen Santoy's Apocalyptic New Video For "Off The Glass"

The Charlotte, North Carolina rapper is back with this hard-hitting track.

Jalen Santoy released the Bobby Herb-sampling record "Foreplay" this past October in preparation for his new EP Charlie Eastern. The project serves as a tribute to his late cousin who was a victim of police brutality and the jazz and hip-hop fused single displayed both the North Carolina rapper's vulnerability and his strength. 

With the video for "Off The Glass," things get a lot more intense. Santoy takes viewers to unknown territory as he barks over hard-hitting production from Daniel Worthy. He experiments with different flows and clever lines and delivers one of the hardest tracks of the year so far. 

Speaking on the meaning of the video, Santoy explains, "The skeleton bones show that we're stepping into new ground, something that you haven't seen before. The track is a little bit different from the video and so I wanted to give a different perspective. The bones represent the old soundscape of what people feel is trendy right now. I'm trying to get across that rap was intended to have a purpose, bringing your brain to the forefront."

Check out the video above.