Toronto Artist Derin Falana Drops Off "Sunset Interlude" Just In Time For Summer

Another fun record from the Toronto rapper.

Direct from Artist



Derin Falana is one of the many rising artists from Toronto that are making waves in music. He's excellent at blending melody and bars with clear pronounciation. Today he's here with new release "Sunset Interlude," a track that's perfect for any summer playlist. 

Derin glides over the groovy HOME production and speaking on the record he told us, "My engineer/producer Po came across the base of this beat on SoundCloud. It was done by a producer named HOME. I thought it was amazing I basically recorded a voice note for the entire song on my phone while we were on tour and when I got back to Brampton I recorded and finished the full record in about 2 hours. This is going to be added to my these days audio journal which is an ongoing compilation about my life that can be found on my SoundCloud."

Check out the new single below and be on the lookout for Derin Falana.