Cage - "Watch Me"


Cage is all the best parts of evil music. The rapper has been tossing crumbs of new music to his followers for the last month or so, no doubt cackling at the frenzied scramble that results every time the Internet gets a hold of a song. So for we’ve heard “The Hunt” and “This Place,” but “Watch Me” might be the best to date.

Mighty Mi gets the nod again (he also produced “This Place”) on “Watch Me,” but Cage won’t be upstaged by his beats anytime soon. A sharp, gnarled beat is surrounded by Cage’s voices—those both inside and outside his head. The man paints a haunted picture “in the fantasy maybe I could maybe love them, in reality it’s more like fuck them.” The full-length Kill The Architect will release October 22, but you can download “Watch Me” for free over on his website.