London MC Tuckz Keeps It Ruff and Raw on Lyrical Workout "Physical"




Ezro (L) and Tuckz (R)

London MC Tuckz and producer Ezro roll with the Vision Crew, a seven person grime collective who have recently been appearing often alongside Novelist on radio, pushing a new genre they’ve labelled Ruff Sound.

“Ruff Sound is a very specific sound, gaining most of its influences from the the raw gritty streets of South London,” Tuckz explains. “The riddims are in between 152 – 160bpm which is a bit faster than grime, this allows you to spit halftime, then speed it up to charge the energies. I’m definitely proud to be one of the originators of the Ruff Sound along with Novelist, Vision Crew, Prem, Sus, and more.”

On “Physical,” Tuckz rides a lurching beat from Ezro, who we’re familiar with from his outstanding production on AJ Tracey’s “Spirit Bomb.” The two Lewisham artists are a powerful team, with the production bringing the best of Tuckz who goes in for over three minutes.

“Physical is definitely one of my favourite tunes and I reckon it will be for a long time,” Tuckz tells us. “Not only is it one of the first ever Ruff tunes, but this this tune was so fun to make. There is so much you can do with Ruff Sound—you can change it around so many times in one song, keeping your audience intrigued throughout the whole song. Of course when you have skengman producer like Ezro it definitely helps.”

Get into the sound of South London with “Physical” below.