The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson Worked With Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean on New Album

Former Beach Boy Brian Wilson confirms that he worked with Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean on his new album.


According to the website of Beach Boys co-founder, successful solo artist, and all-round musical genius Brian Wilson, he has worked with some exciting talents on his new album. Previously, Wilson’s website confirmed that he was working on new material with Jeff Beck and former Beach Boys band members, but yesterday a post went up with the title “Rolling Stone reveals guest artists for Brian’s upcoming album.”

The post quotes the following piece from the new issue of Rolling Stone:

Songs in contention for Brian Wilson’s next album range from the sassy “Sharing a New Day” with Kacey Musgraves to the space-age bossa nova “On the Island” with Zooey Deschanel to the haunting “Last Song” with Lana Del Rey. Another possible highlight: “Special Love,” potentially featuring Frank Ocean. “This project blows my mind,” Wilson says. “I had no idea we could pull this off!”

The idea of a Frank and Brian Wilson song is pretty amazing, so let’s hope we hear some music soon.