Watch Lido and Canblaster in the Studio as They Create the 'Superspeed' EP


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Lido has been one of the most consistently exciting producers of the past 12 months and the Norwegian has teamed with another talented artist, France’s Canblaster, for the Superspeed EP. The six track effort is a vivid blend of pounding beats, twinkling keys, and even the occasional vocal section, but what actually went in to creating the EP?

We have exclusive footage of the pair, along with Pelican Fly’s DJ Slow, in the studio in Paris, and it’s an awesome look at how they worked together and how much analogue equipment was used making Superspeed. Check out the video above to see Lido and Canblaster in their element, and fingers crossed that we get that Lido debut album sooner rather than later.

The Superspeed EP is out today via Pelican Fly, buy here and listen below.



Image via Pelican Fly

Image via Pelican Fly