Watch D.R.A.M. Partner with PETA in a Hilarious New Ad

D.R.A.M. and PETA playfully urge viewers to eat their broccoli.

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D.R.A.M.'sLil Yachty-assisted track "Broccoli" garnered him a huge amount of star power; the song went double platinum, earned a Grammy nomination, and established the singer as one of music's most exciting new voices. Now, the song has earned him a partnership with PETA. In a hilarious new ad, D.R.A.M. encourages viewers to eat their vegetables by playfully referencing his hit song.

The minute-long clip shows D.R.A.M. enthusiastically sharing some broccoli with his friends. The singer kicks the video off by telling his friends that he got some "greens" from his unlikely plug, "this little white-haired lady at the farmer’s market.” At first, his friends think he's going to bring over some weed, but instead, he brings them a huge plate of actual broccoli. The clip ends with a green tagline telling viewers to eat their veggies flashing across the screen. The charisma D.R.A.M. shows in his music is on full display throughout the clip, proving that the singer is a natural in front of the camera.

“There’s nothing healthier than an abundance of greenery. PETA hopes D.R.A.M. inspires people everywhere to start steaming up that broccoli — and that kale, chard and spinach, too," PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange says in a press release accompanying the ad.

Watch the hilarious new ad above.