Premiere: Ten Diamonds - "Catching Feelings"

Image via Ten Diamonds


Image via Ten Diamonds

Image via Ten Diamonds

Sincerity isn’t something that’s particularly easy to perfectly portray in music, but somehow Ten Diamonds manages it. His fragile voice sounds homely, soothing, and frighteningly real. There’s nothing fake about him, and that’s what makes his music so easy to enjoy. There’s an ironic confidence to his grounded sound, presenting itself as is, plain and simple. There’s no frivolous grandiosity, just strong, catchy melodies and gorgeous instrumentals. Catching Feelings throws all over these qualities at the listener during its brief running time, showcasing just what it is that makes his music so charming.

Combining the vocal leanings of old-school emo with modern hip-hop production, there are few artists that come close to sounding like Ten Diamonds. Like Drake at his soppiest combined with King Krule and Corbin, this is the type of music that Dawson’s Creek would totally endorse for an emotional scene were the show still running via an online platform (trust me). From its slow but undeniably pretty opener “month ago,” to its sly interpolation of Corbin’s “Without U” on “10:45,” the quality on Catching Feelings never lets up.

It might be a little too brief for our liking, but it’s still a unique look at an immensely promising artist capable of exciting and fresh sounds.