Listen to Nine Inch Nails' "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)"

Nine Inch Nails return with an impenetrable wall of sound.

Nine Inch Nails.

Photo by John Crawford

Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails announced a new EP Not The Actual Events last week, revealing that the upcoming release would be arriving remarkably soon on December 23. Trent Reznor worked on the EP with "now official bandmate" Atticus Ross, who he's previously collaborated with on his soundtrack work. In a press release detailing the EP, Reznor said, "It's an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make."

As the follow-up to 2013's Hesitation Marks, he explained it's an EP "because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story." Ahead of its release tomorrow, Nine Inch Nails have shared a preview of the EP with the heavy "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)." Recalling early era NIN, "Burning Bright" features a thick wall of sound full of guitars, synths, and a number of other foggy textures. More shoegaze and post-punk than anything on Hesitation Marks, it's easy to see why fans of Nine Inch Nails' older stuff will be immensely excited by this preview of the new EP.

As well as the new EP, Reznor also recently announced a deluxe vinyl reissue of 1999's The Fragile, with 37 bonus tracks. The Fragile: Deviations 1 will be available spring next year.

Listen to "Burning Bright (Field on Fire)" below.