Minneapolis Producer Falls Returns With Serene New Album ‘Torn Between Comas’

Fans of Boards of Canada will want to check out this.

Falls Torn Between Comas
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Falls Torn Between Comas

The Minneapolis-based producer known as Falls has been producing some of the prettiest sounds on the internet for a while now, continually putting out high-quality material. Through toying with more ambient sounds, he’s mastered his distinct brand of textural beauty. His work is atmospheric, pretty, and always improving. Combining the sound of his more beat-driven and ambient tapes into a cohesive whole, Falls’ latest album is his most enjoyable release to date.

Bringing to mind older Boards of Canada and Black Moth Super Rainbow material, the album remains mesmerizing throughout. Falls makes it his own despite this, though, building upon their foundations with skittering percussion and a thick ambiance. The result is his finest and most idiosyncratic release of his career. Really this comes through as the culmination of all of Falls’ releases, treading new ground but also redoing what’s done before and doing it even better.

Listen to the premiere of the album below, and purchase it for a dollar or more here.