Listen to Brockhampton's Debut Album 'Saturation'

These kids are unstoppable.

Direct from Artist

Self-described boy band Brockhampton have been relentless with the releases recently, coming out with video after video offering previews of their debut album, Saturation. Now that album is here over a year on from their debut mixtapeAll-American Trash. Living up to the promise of their latest singles and low budget videos, Saturation is a more cohesive effort than last year's ATT, choosing to showcase their synergy and chemistry as opposed to their individual talents.

Every track features a flurry of members coming in and out of the track, with certain songs allowing a particular member to step into the spotlight without overshadowing the rest of the group. "Heat" sees Ameer Vann kick off the album with a starring role, while "Face" is Joba's moment to shine as the album reaches its climax. 

What the whole release really benefits from, however, is how well these guys work together. Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, and Dom McLennon offer some very memorable verses at completely different points of the album, meaning not a single moment is wasted, and neither is a single member of the group. This isn't just on artist's chance to impress, but Brockhampton's as a whole.

Listen to the album in full below, and look out for the album's sequel, Saturation II, later this year.