Watch the Intimate Video for Brockhampton's Touching New Song "Lamb"

The Texas-bred boyband promises that a second album is on the way later this summer.

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With their debut studio album less than a day away, Brockhampton have shared a new video for another new song. This time, however, the song isn't taken from Saturation, which release tonight on streaming platforms. Instead, this is the first single from their second studio album, Saturation II. They previously teased that another album was on the way, but with the release of their new song "Lamb," it seems a lot closer than we initially thought.

Featuring vocals from Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, and Merlyn Wood, "Lamb" is a very touching track with an appropriately intimate video. Directed by Kevin and shot by Ashlan Grey once again, the video was shot with no budget. Brockhampton have teased on Twitter that a longer version of the track featuring verses from the rest of the group exists, but no word on when we can expect to hear that. Assumedly, it'll be on Saturation II when that arrives later this year.

Watch the video for "Lamb" above, and look out for Saturation when it drops tonight.