Brockhampton Is Definitely a Boyband, Because They've Got Their Own Fanfiction Now

You aren't a real boyband until there's fanfic.


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Few acts inspire as much fan dedication as boybands do. Directioners are in a league of their own, but K-pop superstars BTS are starting to reach their level with some of most diehard fans on the internet. In many ways, Texas-bred, L.A.-based boyband Brockhampton are on their way to that point, too.

One Direction and BTS have inspired fans to get creative, whether it be through video tributes or storytelling. Fanfiction is prevalent in many of the most devoted fanbases, and as we all know by now, boybands often have the passionate and committed fans. Now that Brockhampton's profile is rising, fanfiction for the group is starting to pop up online, and as to be expected with fanfics, it's mostly of the romantic variety.

Romantic and erotic fanfiction is fairly common, especially when it comes to boybands. Fans have been shipping their dream couples from their favorite boybands for a long time, as much is evident from looking at countless Directioners writing scenarios that range from innocent and romantic to racy and obscene.

One of the users writing such fanfics regarding America's favorite boyband calls themselves 'brockhamptonsmut,' and their most notable story is titled Kevin Abstract and Harry Styles (Smut). "One day Kevin was listening to some Shawn Mendes it always makes him go crazy," it promisingly starts. It's pretty offensive, mostly, but it says something that they've got to this level.

Harry Styles standing in front of him in a suit made of pubes.

It's mostly downhill from there, making a mockery of fanfics in general by referencing a previous story about Harry Styles by a different author. However, some fans, including daiqurie and UNDER_INTERSTELLAR have made an honest attempt at writing a story involving Brockhampton, with numerous chapters and almost all the members represented.

UNDER_INTERSTELLAR's story, which is titled 'JUKEBOX,' sees an outsider meeting the group for the first time. It doesn't take long for things to get romantic, with the lead character Carter falling for producer Kiko. It's a lengthy story, and it's still in the process of reaching an ending, but it's an ambitious effort.

So what y'all tryna do now?" HK said. We looked at each other and all said "I don't know" in unison. I looked at my phone, and it was only 7:19. "I don't about y'all, but I'm tired so Peace." Romil said while walking out of the living "Shit me too" HK said. "I'm out" Matt said. Jon, Jabari, and Robert left with them, and Dom, Ashlan, and Ameer said they were going downstairs to find some snacks. Joba said he was gonna take a shower before everyone else, and Kevin D. said something about "BTS" and left.

One of the common themes between a lot these pieces is a focus on Matt Champion, who's becoming a fan favorite. One of the stories focusing on Matt is titled 'French Tips', and it's a brief story that ships a relationship between Matt and Joba. The opacus-penned fanfic is one of the most explicit out there, but it's not without humor. Word of warning, though: This one is straight-up wordporn.

"Don't care," Matt says, crawling halfway into Joba's lap, lips drawing across his jaw. "I didn't want to watch Erasing Head anyways." "Eraserhead," Joba corrects.

Another story, titled 'why you always gotta pull away,' features a fleeting romance between Roberto and Kevin Abstract, and without giving away the ending, it builds to a dramatic climax.

“don’t be joking,” his words were a little quieter. roberto’s heart jumped. he finally looked up at the other boy, lit only by street lamps. his stomach was doing that cartwheel thing again. he said nothing. ian stepped forward, crossing the street. then. a car appeared out of thin air. it hit ian. vroom vroom. rip.

There's also some more pure and wholesome stories, too, including a story by acciomoon that follows lead character Catalina who gets the chance to open for Kevin Abstract. Matt Champion factors into the narrative too, as Cait's love interest (naturally).

"You fucking KILLED IT." he yelled excitedly, spinning me around. I laughed loudly, hugging him back. "Thank you! I'm so fucking shook right now. That was so fun." I gasped. He put me down, smile wide. "I knew you'd go off. That was incredible, Cat." he said, punching my shoulder playfully.

Brockhampton might be redefining what it means to be a boyband, but fans are treating them every bit like they would any other boyband. Considering how quickly their fan base is growing, there's probably a lot more fanfiction in the works. Of course, fans are getting inventive in other ways, too. Let's not even get started on 'Bawwkhampton.'