Baths Indulges Fantasy on Beautiful New Album 'Romaplasm'

Listen to Baths' first new album in four years.




Will Wiesenfeld's wonderful music as Baths has always embodied his unique persona, but now he's putting more of himself into his music than ever before. After the dark, and bold Obsidian, which saw Wiesenfeld embracing his pop instincts a little more, he's returned to Baths with his most expansive release yet with Romaplasm. Lighter, and generally easier to digest, it's a gorgeous album that sees him embracing his fantasies with reckless abandon.

It's been four years since the release of Obsidian, and from listening to Romaplasm there's a sense he's in a much better place now. Speaking over email, Wiesenfeld explained, "This album for me represents absolute clarity." Putting his passions on display more than ever, Romaplasm sounds like a refined expression of self that his other work so often hinted at. "It's always been clear to me what my greatest passion are but these songs have those passions triumphantly on display, far more than in my previous music, and entirely without reservation."

It's a wide-screen representation of who Will Wiesenfeld is as a person, and it's beautiful. Discussing fantasy musings and sexuality with touching sincerity and openess, Romaplasm is one of the year's most unique pop records. He put it best himself, explaining, "Romaplasm​ is my clear-eyed exaltation of deep self-indulgent fantasy that attempts to run through as much of the emotional spectrum as possible." The resulting album is warm and intoxicating, once again improving on what came before for him.

Listen to the full album below.