Download Arca's Surprise New Release, 'Entrañas'

Arca's surprise new album, 'Entrañas', is available for free.

Image via @arca1000000


Image via @arca1000000

Image via @arca1000000

Just yesterday, Arca shared a new video for a track titled “Sin Rumbo.” The video is directed by Jesse Kanda, who has frequently worked with Arca when it comes to the visual aspects of his music, and came along with the promise of a new release ahead of his next album, which is due out later this year. The release, Entrañas, is now available to stream for free. Featuring 14 tracks of warped chaos, Entrañas comes across as some of Arca’s most challenging work yet.

Featuring two appearances by Mica Levi, who is perhaps best known for the haunting score behind the sci-fi horror film Under the Skin, the release certainly isn’t the easiest thing to get into. Acting as a sort of spiritual successor to his astonishing &&&&&, Arca’s Entrañas is certainly a brave release. Arca promises that his next full album, tentatively titled Reverie, is due sometime later this year.

Listen to the release in full below, and download it for free here.



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