Every few months, there’s another viral tweet about a musician doing something: Big Boi bringing his pet owls to the studio, Twista mastering the art of ventriloquism, Redman flying through the air as a certified skydiver, and—perhaps the most recent development in artists expanding their horizons—T-Pain purposefully drifting across a parking lot in a car he built himself.

These side quests usually catch fans off guard, as they wonder how one-half of OutKast manages to look after four massive birds with his busy schedule, or why T-Pain buys old Nissans in his spare time.

After topping the Billboard Hot 100, securing their names as musical innovators, and collecting enough plaques to fill up any of the homes that Lil Jon renovates in his new HGTV show, it may be that interior design, releasing cookbooks, dreaming of opening a pet shop, or hopping behind the wheel is just as rewarding as the adrenaline of a packed concert. That’s what Lil Jon, Kelis, Big Boi, and T-Pain spend their time doing—and all for different reasons. With their help, we’re exploring the art of the side quest.

“We’re always growing and learning every day,” Lil Jon says. “And we are maturing as artists. We start young and then we get older and we find that we have a passion for other things.”

“It’s great that we can explore and do some different things, because some people just get stuck in the rut and do the same job every day,” he continues. “Never go on vacation, just the same routine for their entire life. We can turn to a second career.”

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