Staring at the blank screen before him, Zack Fox opens up Zoom. 

His windows aren’t dirty, his room is pretty well-illuminated by the Los Angeles sun, and he isn’t reaching for anything in the distance—except for maybe his TV remote so he can have some 4K nature scenes as his backdrop when he meets Natasha Bedingfield for the first time. 

You may be wondering to yourself why Zack—an Internet-beloved comedian who likes to “Winnie-the-Pooh” while recording songs about Christianity and do spoken-word covers of “Slob On My Knob” to end the pandemic—is meeting with his favorite pop star of the ‘00s on a video call in 2021. Well, it’s been about two years now since Zack told his friend Kenny Beats that the only way he’d perform at his Hard Summer Festival set would be if he let Zack sing Bedingfield’s most important contribution to the all-time pop-music songbook, “Unwritten.” Kenny said yes and the rest is history.

Since his very public showing of admiration for Natasha’s music first went viral, and has since done it again several times over, “Unwritten” has found itself charting once more, this time thanks to a TikTok trend that even Natasha couldn’t resist being part of.

In honor of the comeback of “Unwritten,” its many lessons, Zack and Natasha’s shared love of wagons, and the collective power of both comedy and music, we decided to bring a fever dream to life and introduce the two stars with a few questions. They pretty much took it from there.

The conversation between P&P, Natasha—who shared her latest single “Lighthearted” in June—and Zack—fresh off his writing stint on HBO’s “PAUSE with Sam Jay”—follows below, with some editing for clarity and content.

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