Danny Dwyer's "Swingset" Is a Gorgeous, Nostalgic Alt-Pop Song

This is the second-ever release from the St. Louis artist-producer.

danny dwyer artist
Photo by TKTK
danny dwyer artist

Danny Dwyer makes music that doubles as a mental reset. His pitched vocals and waterfall guitar chords—a unique mix of airy jazz and melodic pop—neutralize anxiety, distilling emotion to its purest form. "Swingset," his first new song since 2017, captures the spirit of a whimsical young adult in search of simpler times.

"I was in my room painting, wondering if this music shit will ever work out, when I made 'Swingset,'" Danny told us. "I wondered if I never should have moved to LA because the Midwest is home and wavy now, and I was thinking about being a kid when I wrote it. How tight that shit was, but also how we're all still kids. It’s just about running around the burbs in the summer with a girl who you can’t tell if she's your girlfriend or your best friend. It's about walking a mile to the dollar store even though you didn't need to buy anything."

Look no further for left-field acoustics, a cathartic hook, and a trip down memory lane. Press play on Danny Dwyer's latest below, and get to know the artist better with our April interview and video premiere here.

danny dwyer swingset premiere