London Producer JD. Reid Brings the Best Out of Rapper Kojey Radical on "Breathe"

JD. Reid's 'Calibrate' EP is out July 28 via Rinse.

jd reid


jd reid

London's JD. Reid is one of the most versatile producers out, providing intricate soundscapes for vocalists to inhabit or letting his club-focused but always inventive beats stand on their own. On his new EP, Calibrate, Reid has features from Odd Future's Hodgy, grime star Novelist, and London rappers 808INK and Oscar #Worldpeace, but the collaboration with Kojey Radical might be the most impactful track.

​"It was great to work with Kojey on 'Breathe'," JD. Reid tells us. "The song points to the idea of needing clarity and space as a creative. The concept came out of our conversation and the song was written and recorded really quick. It was a beat that a few artists had wanted to use and never made work, but it just clicked with Kojey."

With Kojey combining gruff rapping and melodic moments over the weighty production, "Breathe" is already on repeat. JD. Reid's Calibrate EP is out tomorrow via Rinse. Buy here.