Trapo Plots Revenge to Cope with Heartbreak in "She Moved On" Video

The young Wisconsin rapper deals with heartbreak in a peculiar way.

When were first introduced to Madison, Wisconsin rapper Trapo back in November, the content within his debut project The Black Beverly Hills EP proved that he was wise beyond his years. In March, he continued his hot streak with a follow-up EP simply titled SHENow he returns with the first visual taken from SHE.

On the EP second track “She Moved On,” 17-year-old Trapo details his plans to plot revenge on his ex-girlfriend’s new man. The Cody LaPlant-directed video follows this storyline, showing Trapo and his friends devising a peculiar way to cope with heartbreak.

“A boy loses his girl to another guy, a guy who is richer and can provide whatever she needs,” Trapo explained to Mass Appeal. “So instead of fighting for her, I put together an organized home invasion.” Though many of us may have never gone through it, these visuals represent the ideas that can run through our minds when we let emotions get the best of us.

Watch the video above.