SZA's 'Ctrl' Album Gets the Chopped Not Slopped Treatment

DJ Candlestick, Slim K, and OG Ron C never disappoint.

prpl ctrl cover

Image via DatPiff

prpl ctrl cover

Whenever another great album comes out, it's usually only a matter of time before people start wondering what it would sound like slowed down. Thankfully, DJ Candlestick, Slim K, and OG Ron C are never too far behind with the treat many fans want. Recently Beyoncé's, Solange's, Frank Ocean's, and Chance The Rapper's recent albums have all received the Chopstars chopped not slopped treatment, and now it's SZA's turn.

DJ Candlestick, Slim K, and OG Ron C are back, this time with a project titled Prpl + Ctrl. SZA's debut album Ctrl is masterful on its own, but this newly chopped version opens up each song from a new perspective. These hazy version allow the words to stand out more while holding the ability to put each listener into an immediate tranquil daze.

Listen below.