Sylvan LaCue and Xavier Omär Team Up for "The Truman Show"

Sylvan LaCue encourages listeners to take a bold step out of their comfort zone.

Sylvan LaCue Press '16

Image via Sylvan LaCue

Sylvan LaCue Press '16

Anyone familiar with Jim Carrey’s 1998 film The Truman Show has more than likely had moments in their own life where things felt phony enough to encourage a quest for more. For his latest release of the same name, Sylvan LaCue draws inspiration from Carrey’s character. “I always thought it was interesting how determined he was to explore and see the world,” LaCue explained via e-mail. “And yet, how alone he felt amongst a world of people who were seemingly ‘there for him.’” 

The Miami-raised, California-based artist admits it can be easy for anyone to get caught up in their own false reality if they’re not careful. “It's about being aware of your comfort zone and choosing to step out of it. Regardless of the obstacles thrown in front of you to prevent it.” 

For the self-produced single, LaCue enlists Xavier Omär to balance out the record with his sweet vocals. The collaboration came together organically, and that sounds very clear within the results. LaCue admits he made the song with Omär in mind because the two are just genuine friends. “We bond over wrestling more than we do on music, so I think that attributed to the chemistry,” he explained via e-mail. “I sent him the reference and he took it to an entire different level.”

Listen to “The Truman Show” below, and head over to his website to view upcoming tour dates.