Sylvan LaCue Strives for Soothing Simplicity in “Best Me” Video

The Miami native returns with new visuals before joining Saba on tour.

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Last April Miami-raised rapper Sylvan LaCue released his latest album Far From Familiar. Months later he returned with brand new singles such as “Best Me” and “The Truman Show” alongside Xavier Omär before heading out on his first ever headlining tour. As he gears up to hit the road once again, LaCue shares new visuals for “Best Me.” 

“Best Me,” LaCue’s first self-produced single, is a slow-building track that opens up feeling rather soothing. In his own words, LaCue explains via e-mail that “Best Me” is about “simplicity, raw honesty, and striving to embrace yourself as much as humanly possible.” To stay true to that feeling, LaCue shares a simplistic video of him roaming through the wilderness as he just takes a moment to reflect on where he’s been and how far he has left to go. 

The results of the video feel even more fitting as LaCue explains that the name Sylvan actually means “consisting of or abounding in woods or trees”—adding that he wanted to keep the visuals light-hearted and true to self to match with the subject matter. 

Earlier this year, Saba joined LaCue on the remix for “Best Me.” Starting next month, LaCue will hit the road to join Saba on his forthcoming Bucket List Tour. Head over to his website for more information on dates and tickets.

Watch the full video above.