PREMIERE: Sylvan LaCue Reflects on Special Moments with His Muse on "Emeryville"

Sylvan LaCue longs to be loved on latest single.

Image via Sylvan LaCue


Image via Sylvan LaCue

Image via Sylvan LaCue

Earlier this month, Sylvan LaCue shared “Fall From Grace”—the first single taken from his forthcoming album Far From Familiar. Today, he follows up that single with a new release titled “Emeryville.” This new single continues the theme from last year’s E V A N G E L I N E EP as he reminisces on moments spent with his muse in Emeryville, CA.

LaCue is a very passionate artist, he’s made that clear with his previous work. On “Emeryville,” he digs deeper into his vulnerability to express feelings that many of us are not brave enough to share. LaCue describes “Emeryville” as “the struggle to admit that you want to belong to someone who’s struggling to admit that they want to belong to you too.” We take a trip back to the beginning as he shares the song that not only details the beginning of his relationship with Evangeline, but also sparked the inspiration for his previous EP.

“Emeryville” displays a softer side to Sylvan LaCue. The sweet melody wrapped around the chorus can’t help but find its way into your heart and mind—each repetition this song only makes it feel that much sweeter. The production provided by Linzi Jai is different than what fans of LaCue may be used to hearing, but as a result it brings out a new side of his artistry that makes us believe that there’s much more to his talent to be revealed.

Listen to “Emeryville” below.