PREMIERE: Sylvan LaCue Chases After His Dream Girl in "Emeryville" Video

Miami rapper Sylvan LaCue depicts cute love story in his latest video.

At the beginning of the year, after dedicating his E V A N G E L I N E EP to his muse and now fiancée, Miami native Sylvan LaCue returned with another single titled “Emeryville” which reflected on moments with this special woman in his life. Now, comes back to paint the picture of these special moments in his latest video.

These new visuals show LaCue seemingly waking up in an empty field to begin his hunt for his dream girl. The more he tries to chase her, the further away he seems to be. Soon after he stops his chase, his perfect girl winds up finding him instead.

“The video’s essentially about chasing the woman of your dreams,” LaCue explained over e-mail. “It’s this perfect idea of the perfect girl in a perfect place that you can see, but never seem to get to. In the end, she finds you, just when you give up, and forces you back to reality. Which essentially means, she exists in real life, not just your dreams.”

Watch the sweet video above.