Michael Jackson Loved Kanye West's '808s & Heartbreak'

He loved it so much that he played it for his kids.

Michael Jackson

Image via YouTube

Michael Jackson

It was recently announced that Kanye West has just landed his 40th Top 40 single on the Billboard charts, thanks to his guest feature on ScHoolboy Q's latest single "THat Part." With his 40th appearance on the charts, this bumped Kanye into the top 10 male artists with the most Top 40 hits. Interestingly enough, Kanye's new placement means that he just passed Michael Jackson's record.

While this news is a big accomplishment for Kanye West, some haters of course could not share in the joy of the moment. However, Michael's daughter Paris Jackson had a few words to share with those people. When someone took to her Instagram comments to leave a remark praising MJ while putting down Kanye, she shut it down quickly while explaining that Michael was in fact a fan of Kanye.

In her comment, Paris began saying that the first time she ever heard Kanye's 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak was because of her father. "He played it for me all the time. He liked him," she explained. In hopes to put an end to the negative commentary, Paris also went on to say that Michael never saw music as a competition and that he "never had a motive to talk shit about other artists."

We can't know for sure what MJ would have thought of Kanye passing his own record, but according to his daughter's story it seems safe to assume he would have been happy for Kanye—as we all should be.

Read Paris Jackson's full comment below.