Denitia & Sene - "The Fan"

Image via Denitia & Sene


Image via Denitia & Sene

Image via Denitia & Sene

With the release of their Side FX EP just around the corner, Brooklyn based duo Denitia & Sene return with another track to capture your attention. The duo’s latest single “The Fan” is just as impressive as their previous work but maybe even catchier this time.

“The Fan” has an undeniably catchy quality about it. The electro-pop/R&B blend in the production is infectious and the hook is easy to pick up on just after one listen. Denitia & Sene’s vocals are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but it’s that balance of opposites that seems to really makes it work.

The Side FX EP is due out on March 23 via Rinse FM but until then, listen to “The Fan” below.