Listen to CeeLo Green Remix Childish Gambino's "Redbone"

CeeLo transforms "Redbone" into a seductive single.

ceelo green childish gambino

Image via Digital Trends

ceelo green childish gambino

It's been nearly six months since Childish Gambino released his single "Redbone," and the heat has yet to die down. In fact, as the weather continues to warm up, there's a good chance you'll be hearing this song very often this summer during various backyard BBQs. So now feels like perfect timing for CeeLo Green to put his own spin on the nostalgic record.

"Redbone," as well as Gambino's entire "Awaken, My Love!" album is extremely funk-inspired. Modern music with strong influences of funk is absolutely CeeLo's lane, so it comes as no surprise that he would feel inspired to create his own remix to one of the album's standout tracks. Digital Trends shared the exclusive remix after admitting that they had received the song within a text from CeeLo at 2AM. 

CeeLo's version is equally as funky and soulful as the original, however he creates a more detailed storyline for his version. The original single creates a juxtaposition as Gambino delivers somewhat of a warning sign singing "stay woke!" over a rather sweet sounding rhythm. Whereas CeeLo's version follows the lead of the production and transforms the single into something seductive.

Listen to CeeLo's take on "Redbone" via Digital Trends.