Sometimes simplicity is key, and doing too much can smother a good song. Hunter Oliveri's "Kids" keeps things simple—even with a catchy hook, the half-sung melody is delivered so straightforwardly that Oliveri almost sounds indifferent. It takes what could easily be an over-the-top performance and turns it into a relatable message, and that's part of what makes "Kids" such a compelling debut. Anchored by a guitar loop that conjures memories of Weezer's "The Sweater Song" through an acoustic slacker rock filter, Oliveri's introduction is understated but suggests a confident, lowkey charisma rare among artists so new.

"‘Kids’ is all about being unusual, not fitting in, being an outsider," Oliveri says. "My life experiences thus far have shown me I wasn’t just—or didn’t want to be—average, or someone who followed the pack. I wanted to write a song as a tribute to all the kids and adults that feel the same way."

For the accompanying video that Oliveri co-directed with Ben Zucker, he wanted an alternative to the typically flashy music video: "something that listeners or viewers could really connect to... 'Kids' is my first track, and I wanted people to overall get a feel for me."

Hunter Oliveri is 15 and lives in California. He's been making music since he was 12 and he's been working on perfecting all the demos he's made over the years, but right now he's focused on starting things off on the right foot. Watch "Kids" above.