Atlanta's Wesson Desir is a rising rapper with a laid-back but charismatic flow and big plans. ".22" is his only song on streaming platforms right now and the video shows another side of his creativity. When we spoke to him in 2019, Wesson told us, “I feel like I should perfect my craft behind the scenes and then put out only what I think is ready to put out. The time isn’t necessarily a factor because I feel like if you put thought into it, [the songs] are timeless. And if you really do have replay value, the rest will come.”

Things seem to be happening just as he planned, and the ".22" official release and video is the start of lots more to come this year. "I wanna flood 2020 with music, visuals, feelings, and ideas," he tells us. "I also really wanna start doing more live shows and exchanging that energy with people face to face, but the pandemic is making that impossible right now. I plan on using this time to my advantage."

Speaking on the video, directed by Amandla Baraka, Wesson tells us, "If you listen to the lyrics (the play on 22, the numbers themselves, to the way it’s structured), the theme throughout the track is duality. Another underlying theme is power of the individual mind—there’s things that manifest from us speaking it into existence, meaning we have more control of our worlds than we think."

Watch the video above, and learn more about Wesson and other exciting artists in the new wave of Atlanta rap in our feature here.