Location: South Atlanta

Wesson currently works at an Italian restaurant in downtown Atlanta. After shifts and on days off, he makes music on a laptop in his bedroom home studio, recording songs that blend swinging instrumentals with high-fashion references and storytelling charm. His distinctive voice and thoughtfully-orchestrated deliveries are perhaps his two most prominent strengths, and to date, he’s released a handful of singles and one project, all of which solely reside on SoundCloud.

In the gold rush environment of streaming and playlists, Wesson is patient. His last single, the smoky “22,” came out 8 months ago. He doesn’t have any music on Spotify or Apple Music at the moment, and thus far, he’s only ever used beats that he finds on YouTube. Recently, though, almost to his surprise, the songs have grown slowly but surely, often gaining traction months after their release thanks to the replay value evident in his music.

Atlanta is definitely a place to grow in. If people see potential and people see progress, they definitely hold it down and support you. - Wesson

 “I feel like I should perfect my craft behind the scenes and then put out only what I think is ready to put out," Wesson says of his slow-drip release schedule. "The time isn’t necessarily a factor because I feel like if you put thought into it, [the songs] are timeless. And if you really do have replay value, the rest will come.” That time has allowed him to develop his own sound and style, too, and Wesson explains, “Atlanta is definitely a place to grow in—it’s that community factor. If people see potential and people see progress, they definitely hold it down and support you.”

With songs like “22” and “Dirty Dan” turning heads, Wesson’s restaurant shifts might just turn into sold-out shows in the near future.

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