Dua Saleh's debut EP was a revelation. Nūr kicked off 2019 perfectly, introducing the world to one of the Twin Cities' most promising and versatile talents. The self-produced opening track from the project, "Sugar Mama," comes on strong with its playful and sexually-charged energy propelled by a hypnotic metronome. It's not a full indication of what Dua Saleh is capable of, but it does make for a damn fine introduction.

"Sugar Mama," which was self-produced by Dua on their phone, has now received a video treatment that's just as mesmerizing as the song. Exquisitely shot while on tour in Berlin, Dua flaunts their confidence as the camera tightly lingers on their presence. "We were in Berlin and found some really amazing ruins and esoteric locations," Dua said of the Braden Lee-directed video. "The contrastingly bright and dark imagery in the visual is a nod to the sentiment of the song. It’s playful enough to not take itself too seriously, but still reflects my ideals of resistance."

Watch the premiere of the "Sugar Mama" video above, and check out our interview with Dua here.

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