Last year, Choker came from nowhere to deliver one of the best albums of 2017.

Then, just as quickly as he emerged, the Michigan-based singer/rapper/producer disappeared again. As of yesterday, Choker hadn't released any songs or videos since his debut album Peak came out and his mysterious persona remained intact as he shied away from social media and avoided revealing too much of himself in interviews.

It turns out he was busy putting together another incredible album. Quietly sending out a single tweet last week that announced the existence of a follow-up called Honeybloom, Choker delivered another project full of lush genre-defying sounds, patient songwriting, and exciting new ideas. After a couple quick spins, it's apparent this is an album that will take plenty of repeat listens to fully enjoy and understand, but one thing is clear: Peak wasn't a fluke. Choker is just getting started.

Hear Honeybloom on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below. Read our 2017 interview with Choker and revisit Peak here.