After the success of The Internet's 2015 breakout album Ego Death, it would have been easy for the group to let the expectations of a follow-up weigh them down. Instead, they each took the time to work on solo material and release projects of their own.

Once they did get to work on their fourth studio album, Hive Mind, the group approached it at their own pace—in several locations around the world. "We rented houses and studios all over the world and just lounged around, no pressure," Syd explains on Reddit. "The last few sessions in Australia were some of my favorites. We made the last 3 tracks on the album there. Such a vibe."

Speaking on their cohesiveness as a unit, Matt Martians recently explained the meaning of the album's title. "A hive mind is a collective ego," he said. "When people are together, they have a collective mindset. When we're together, we all have a common goal and we move in the same direction."

Hive Mind is now available to stream on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below.