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"You know we had to link up and make that weird summer song," Joji says of his new song with BlocBoy JB for 88rising's crew album coming July 20.

We're used to hearing dark, sad songs from Joji, but "Peach Jam" heads in the opposite direction as he offers up an upbeat cut that matches the colorful energy of its video. Clarifying that he hasn't abandoned his old sound, however, Joji tweeted, "If there was confusion 'Midsummer Madness' and 'Peach Jam' are for the 88rising Head In The Clouds project which has a summer sound. However, summer will eventually come to an end. Have my own project coming very soon."

The end of the video reinforces Joji's message as a dark, gloomy scene takes over the screen along with the sentence: "New Joji coming end of summer." In his own words, "Nobody tryna be emo all the time."

Watch the video for "Peach Jam" above and continue to hear it on Spotify.

For more on Joji, watch our short documentary with him below.

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