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Just under two weeks ago, Brockhampton surprised their fans with a new Beats 1 show entitled Things We Lost in the Fire Radio. With the first episode of the show arrived their first music video of 2018, "1999 Wildfire." Turns out Kevin Abstract wasn't kidding when he promised "new music all summer," because the second episode of the show just aired, and with it they've delivered a manic Kevin Abstract-directed video for another new song, "1998 Truman."

Arriving at the end of the latest Things We Lost episode, "1998 Truman" is yet another stellar single from the group. The off-kilter video combined with the track itself shows just how much creative energy they still have going for them, leading us to anticipate whatever it is they're leading up to with the release of all these new songs.

Whether "1999 Wildfire" and "1998 Truman" are taken from their forthcoming album, The Best Years of Our Lives, or are some super-polished one-off singles, Brockhampton continue to gift fans with an embarrassment of riches. Listen to the second episode of Things We Lost in the Fire Radio here.

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