We first became familiar with Namesake through his work with St. Louis rapper Pinkcaravan! as the sole producer behind her impressive a very sad happy birthday EP. The colorful, effervescent beats still hit hard, and he continued his hot streak with subsequent collaborations like "Vroom Vroom" with Sam Stan and "pop, lock, and lemon drops" with Pinkcarvan!

Today, he collaborates with rapper Patches for the first time, and they prove to be a dynamic team on "Show Goes On." "I'm just a big fan of patches' style," Namesake says. "His music captures the energy and charisma I look for when searching for collaborators. I knew when I sent him some ideas, we'd be able to come up with something great together."

Patches explains a little more about the song, telling us, "This song is catharsis in the form of a bop. I can't be anyone besides myself. I'm flexing on my insecurities and letting go of the pressure from outside sources effecting the way I do things." Namesake adds, "Staying true to myself is how I always approach my production. It really is a bop. Just press play for a reminder that life keeps going and you're on the right path."

Look out for both these artists in 2018, and get into "Show Goes On" below. Stream on all platforms/buy here.