15 songs. 15 minutes. One incredibly imaginative, ambitious visual album from Tierra Whack.

Welcome to Whack World.

In 2017, the multi-talented artist impressed us with one of our favorite music videos of the year for "Mumbo Jumbo," a fresh take on mumble rap with a beautifully strange set of visuals. At the time, she told us, "I like creepy shit. Shit that’s gonna make you ask why and look at what everyone is doing, asking why?" A year later, those same sensibilities remain at the core of her wildly ambitious new project.

Whack World is a "visual and auditory project" that takes the form as a film by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Léger, as well as an album available on streaming services. Each song is just one minute long, giving Whack a chance to show her stylistic range in a way that makes sense for an ADD generation. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I can barely make it through a four minute music video without skipping ahead these days, and Whack World kept me locked to the screen for all 15 minutes. Watch the video above and hear the album below.

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