By now, L8LOOMER has proved his songwriter credentials multiple times over. Back when he was still living in Tampa and going by Broderick Batts, the singer/songwriter impressed with a string of singles that included the addictive "Kate Moss 1989." But Batts changed his stage name to L8LOOMER after moving to Los Angeles, and the music kept trending in a positive direction.

Today, we're premiering his latest single with some news. "Hate Being in Love <\3" will="" appear="" on="" l8loomer's SOULM8S EP, due out in June. It's a personal track about a very specific moment: "'<\3' is="" a="" song="" that="" happens="" moments="" after="" realizing="" the="" choice="" you="" made="" to="" put="" your="" apartment="" in="" girl's="" name,="" because="" her="" credit="" better,="" was="" bad="" idea,"="" l8loomer told="" us.="" but="" while="" inspiration="" might="" be="" bittersweet,="" some="" of="" his="" smoothest="" yet.="" when="" those="" keys="" hit="" at="" 55-second="" mark,="" whole="" thing="" blooms—l8loomer is="" master="" making="" songs="" with="" levels,="" and="" this="" no="" exception.="" stream="" "<\3"="" above,="" revisit="" l8loomer's previous="" work="" Doja Cat below.