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"I’m just a regular person," Atlanta rapper GRIP told us earlier this month. "I’m normal, and I want to be able to relate to everybody, and I want everybody to be able to relate to me." GRIP may be an ordinary person, but he's an extraordinary rapper, and "Culdesac," one of the understated standouts from his excellent project PORCH, showcases his skills. GRIP weaves his story into the fabric of a sleepy beat, and Ahyes, who also produced the song, caps things off with an emotionally charged finale.

The video—directed by Rob Valentine and Sean Marsalis and edited by Sarah Corin—keeps things simple by stripping away all signs of life and focusing on GRIP's depiction of a stark reality characterized by dead ends and despondence.

Watch the video above, read our interview with GRIP here, and go listen to PORCH.


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