"I want to take everyone to another mindstate when the music plays," Yung Bans told us earlier this month. The 18-year-old Atlanta rapper is currently on house arrest, but he's been one of the most productive rappers of the year. With a recording studio in his house and permission to travel for work, he's been ultra focused. Fresh off a Future co-sign and a new EP, Bans keeps things moving with a Lonewolf-directed music video for "Out."

"Out" is a prime example of a mood-setting Yung Bans moment. Bans glides over a Yung Icey beat that strikes a difficult-to-place chord somewhere between melancholy and euphoria. It's a tone Bans has mastered, and today the song comes to life with visuals that hone in more on textures, patterns, and colors than action.

Watch the "Out" video above, and see Yung Bans visit a psychic in our latest episode of Music Life below:


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