We don't deserve all of the beautiful memes and edits Super Deluxe give us, but we do need them right now, especially when they include Kanye West in some form. Vic Berger and Super Deluxe have already delivered a number of memorable edits of some classic Kanye moments, but now Super Deluxe have managed to outdo themselves with their latest edit.

Instead of stitching together some of his more passionate and outlandish quotes into a surreal edit, Super Deluxe completely transformed some real quotes from some of Kanye's best interviews. Turning things Kanye actually said into a Tame Impala song is not only inspired, it's also absolutely hilarious and almost makes us wish Kanye would link up with Kevin Parker at some point. Actually, it definitely makes us want that. Make it happen, guys.

If you've never had the pleasure of watching some of Super Deluxe's other Kanye-themed content, make sure to watch Vic Berger's unmissable edit of his Ellen interview below.

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