Being a Death Grips fan is weird.

The group isn't very active on social media, and when they do post things, it's usually a weird inside joke/meme that only the band itself fully understands. Or they'll just post dozens of photos of the same shitty bottle in a row on Instagram.

Monday, they switched things up and shared an update about their new album. But the update was that they're working with Andrew Adamson on the project. As a quick Google search reveals, Adamson isn't a musician. He's a film director most well-known for his work on Shrek and Shrek 2. This all feels like a joke, but Death Grips did share a photo of Adamson in the studio, so it might be for real.

People have been making Shrek Grips mashups for years, blending Death Grips songs with tracks from the Shrek soundtrack, so the group seems to playing along with an old meme. But I guess the more obvious choice would have been to collaborate with Shrek soundtrack staples Smash Mouth, so who knows how they're going to use Adamson. It is reassuring to hear they're working on a new album, though.

While you wait to see what comes out of this, dive into some of our favorite Shrek Grips mashups below.

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